Photo of Sophie Amauger painting outdoor

What I love about Cézanne :
« Painting from nature is not copying the object;
it is realizing one's sensations. »

I am a landscape painter who essentially works outdoors, inspired by nature 
and whose subjects depend on emotional resonance. 
My choice of subjects reflect.

I do not have a favourite subject to paint, it is all about being taken up by an atmosphere, being transported. Working from nature is an experience which never leaves me unaffected. There, I am both a spectator and an actor. It is a ritual to search, let the view seep in, set up and finally start. I wait for the moment that will open a small door to elsewhere, offering up a feeling of plenitude and, just for a moment, of all-powerfulness.

Willow Bio Path

Willow in October morning Light.


Sophie Amauger takes part in the call of the Association "Artists for Hope Les Sorinières"

Sophie Amauger selected for the annual exhibition of the Pastel Society 2020 | Mall Galleries.

Sophie Amauger at the International Salon 2020, The Art of Pastel | Abbey of Valasse in Normandy.

Summer course, three days around the studio.
6 places. Pursuing the light… Inscriptions by e-mail.

Summer course, five days around the studio.
6 places. Pursuing the light… Inscriptions by e-mail.


The art of the outdoors

« Sophie’s quiet and intimate everyday can be found in nature. Sophie loves working outdoors. Her work removes the pittoresque, bombastic appearences and detailed anecdotes. Hers is the art of finding the hidden geometry in a precise time and place, and of capturing emotion. These themes are explored in paths, hills, shores and gardens. Line of sight tested, material at the ready, talent must swiftly express while time ticks away »

Olivier Rivalan, Art Dealer

pastel de sophie amauger

Outdoor landscape painter.
Maître Pastelliste


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