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PleinAir Magazine

Marsh 2024 | 2 pages

An interview in the famous American magazine 

Sophie Amauger talks about her Plein Air artistic practice.

Pastel Journal

February 2020 | 8 pages

Bringing beauty to the light

Sophie Amauger observes and paints the fleeting truths and moments of the landscapes of the French countryside.


Pastel Journal

April 2019 | Honorable mention in Pastel 100

Pastel 100: A mention for "The Nose in the Grass" by Sophie Amauger

Pastel 100 is an annual international competition in the USA, 2000 pastels submitted, 100 are selected.
Five categories: Landscapes and interiors - Portrait - Still life and Flowers - Animals and wild life - Abstract and non-figurative. Five winners in each category + honorable mentions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Artist interview

"The Artist's Road" - Voices of Experiences


An interview with Sophie Amauger

Each month Ann Trusty and John Husley publish an interview with an artist working on the motif on "The Artist's Road". They have already had the opportunity to interview Tibor Nagy, Warwick Fuller, CW Mundy, Mary Pettis, Joseph Zbukvic, Marc Dalessio and many more.

Voices of Experience
Sophie Amauger

"In the school of graphic arts
where I studied advertising drawing,
one of my teachers told me to 'draw every day'.
It is the best advice I have ever received. "

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

French pastel artist, Sophie Amauger paints the landscape on location, with a sensitive command of color and light. Her background is in the graphic arts. Amauger studied at the Rennes School of Fine Arts in Brittany and the Brassart School of Graphic Arts in Tours. In 2000, she dedicated her work entirely to painting the landscape. Since then she has been named a Maître Pasteliste of the French Pastel Society. She exhibits her work in borth France and the Netherlands.

Practice of the Arts

October-November 2017 | n ° 136

Looking back to the internship "Regards croisés"

Sophie Amauger & Mathieu Weemaels

Pratique des Arts (n°136) has devoted an article on an internship organized by Sophie Amauger: 
" Regards croisés " with Mathieu Weemaels,  in summer, in 2017. Click to read the full article.

Jackson's Art Blog

Pastel Artist Sophie Amauger and her new Unison set

by Lisa Takahashi | November 2014

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